Saturday, December 4, 2010


Projects this week:

Music Lives at Carthage Mailer
Worked Directly with Client Peter Denae
Conversed with Robert Rosen

An important tip that I learned from this project is to read your content ahead of time. Reading your copy allows you to get a better idea of what you are designing for, allowing for better design. It also gives you the chance to edit your copy too. Turning in your work with copy errors reflects on your work and your reputation as a designer.

The Marvelous Toys & Fabulous Things Show [Upcoming Art Gallery] Promos
I spent a whopping five hours putting a design together that serves as a mailer, pamphlet & poster all in one! (Have to keep the cost in mind, so might as well knock all three out in one.) I made sure to organize my information by folders, and keep track of the information I had and still needed.

The Marvelous Toys & Fabulous Things Show Posters
Worked Directly with Client Diane Levesque

I made several drafts of a 48X48 & a 48X11 poster for the show. I started out by trying to combine way to many elements in one. Sometimes, if you are working with complex content it is smart to keep your design simple- so that all the focus is on the material you are working with and not the execution. The photos of toys are very colorful and detailed, so I focused on making a very simple, clean, and spacious design. This allowed the photos to breathe. Another design tip I learned from this project is that hierarchy is key. You need a "1, 2, 3". If everything appears to be the same size, the reader does not know what to look at first. This especially applies when designing posters.

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