Monday, November 8, 2010


[Week Seven: In Louisville for a national media conference for The Current newspaper!]

Week Eight:
This week I learned a lot about standardizing colors.

Standardization of colors: CMYK
CYMK stands for four color inks: cyan, magenta, yellow & black.

I was introduced to the world of PANTONE: a staple in the world of printing.
Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a supplier of exact color measurement. Their main products are the Pantone Guides (a graphic designers bible) which consist of sample color swatches. Guides come in several editions based on the paper stock: coated, matte, uncoated. The process allows designers to enter the exact color match that a color will look liked when printed (provided in swatches)- from the early production stages. These color swatches each come with a number (ex: PANTONE 400) which acts as their allocated name.

Something to always pay attention to when receiving a project is the amount of colors allowed. (ex: four color, two color) Therefore, you can chose colors & adjust from the get go.

Another thing I learned this week were vector masks in photoshop & the 'multiply' tool. I had never really experimented with either before! These tools helped me use gradients a lot smoother, overlay colors & magically blend them in photos.

Projects this week:
Leadership Circle Letterheads- Finished!
Worked Directly with Client Elaine Walton
Conversed with Garry T. Moore of Outstanding Graphics Printing Company

An important tip that I learned from this project is to know how you are printing and who you are printing with ahead of time. I sized my documents according to letter/envelope sizes I found offline. However, these sizes change depending on the company. Contact your printer & mark down their sizes so you don't have to go back and changes things at the last second!

The Marvelous Toys & Fabulous Things Show [Upcoming Art Gallery] Promos
This project has been my favorite thus far, and I am only starting! I am given the freedom to design my own identity from scratch for the upcoming art gallery "The Marvelous Toys & Fabulous Things Show". I started by making a folder of inspiration. This inspiration included whimsical photos, advertisements and snippets from other toy shows and art galleries. So far- I have created 3 very different identities for the show that I can use as templates for the rest of the promo pieces. I am leaning towards one and have sketched out ideas for potential mailers, pamphlets & posters.

Updated Projects:
Police & Fire Scholarship Application
Police & Fire Scholarship Posters

Worked Directly with Client Michelle Hamilton
(Who I caught talking about how efficient I was!)

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