Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This week has been all about balance. In graphic design, you may get several projects thrown at you all at once. You need to prioritize and keep in mind due dates.

Projects this week:
Edits on Kenosha Scholarship Postcard & Admissions Reminder Postcard
Worked Directly with Client Michelle Hamilton

Edits on Japanese TLE Poster
Worked Directly with Client Greg Baer

I Originally made the French, Spanish and German posters for the department. Got a lot of good feedback on these so they asked me to make a Japanese one too!

Leadership Circle Letterheads
Worked Directly with Client Elaine Walton

This project contained multiple parts: Letterhead, #10 envelope front & back, notecard, envelope front & back, 9 X 12 envelope front and back. If you are working on a set like this it is best to make separate documents for each component for editing purposes. An easier and more professional way to present your ideas to your client is to create a general document pasting and fitting each component in one. This way, you have one document to print out and give them. Put all of these documents in one general project folder.

Something to note is when working with envelopes, it is best not to place anything too close to the bottom for the post office won't send it! Also avoid the top right corner where the stamp is.

New Student Union Display Case

When working with display cases, a factor you should recognize is different heights at which people see it. Therefore, it is smart not to squeeze anything important at the very top. Another factor is the distance people are seeing it from. In this case, they are walking right up to it so it is okay and encouraged to make some things smaller. Hierarchy is a good thing because it gives people a large focal point to see right away and smaller things to draw them in to look at.

Its funny because I put a lot of time into two different layout ideas for this project. I found some extra time during the day so I played around with a third one in the span of 10 minutes and it turned out to be the best one! Sometimes the layouts you create without thinking to much about it are the best! Happy mistakes.

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