Friday, October 1, 2010


Listed below are the things that I have accomplished thus far & commentary about the projects.

Projects created:
Fall Chapel Worship Poster
Winter Chapel Worship Poster
French TLE Promotional Poster
Spanish TLE Promotional Poster
German TLE Promotional Poster
Madrigrano Hall Dedication Ceremony Pamphlet

Worked directly with clients Harvard Stephens and Greg Baer.

Something I learned when creating the TLE posters is that it is important to keep in mind the audience of who you are creating it for. The TLE posters are going to be in various countries promoting Carthage. Certain things need to be bigger and stand out that you wouldn't normally focus on like the words "USA" in the title. It is also important to choose general photos of campus like aerial views instead of close-ups on different parts in order to capture Carthage as much as possible to a person who has never seen it before.

Cutting duties:
Torchie Coloring Books

There were 200 coloring books. Lining 200 prints in order for an even cut is a hard task. So, a trick that I learned was to print out an extra to act as a template on top of the stack. Find a ruler & box out the lines for an easier guideline and therefore a more precise cut.

Photos taken:
New Student Union construction site
Students on campus

Updated projects:
Basketball Season Tickets
Transfer Open House Poster
Transfer Open House Postcard

Worked directly with clients Michelle Hamilton and Bob Bonn.

Something I learned when dealing with copy is how to turn on the invisible guidelines (apple option i). By doing so, you can easily find an error and change it.

I also learned the difference between a hard return (enter) and a soft return (shift enter).

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