Monday, October 11, 2010


Projects this week:

Shoot photos for TLE promotional posters

'Ideas I Have' Art Gallery postcards (3 variations)

Worked directly with client Professor Ross Moreno

Leadership Circle letterheads

TLE posters finalized & printed


A huge component of these past weeks was watching the 2010 InDesign Tutorial. The following are some notes that I gathered from doing so.

To turn frame edges on/off:

Application Bar> View Options> Turn frame edges on/off

Snippets: elements dragged out of one document and placed into another

Preferences> File> Handling> Position at Original Location

To arrange documents in one window:

Window> Application frame> Undo> Expand

The control panel has two sets of options: the character & the paragraph.

To customize both of these panels choose options> customize on the far right side

To make or find keyboard shortcuts:

Edit> Keyboard shortcuts

To change the colors or highlight important menu options:

Menu customization> Change colors

To turn grids on/off: Option;

To save your customized document as a template:

New document> Options> Save Preset

To open a new document from a template:

New document from template> Bridge> Choices

To type on a path:

Type on path> Change beginning/ending of point> Move over to center of path

To zoom in a certain section:

Zoom tool> click & drag making a box over designated area

Print is always CMWK. Web is always RGB.

To edit the original:

Control> Right click> Edit original

To create columns:

Layout> Control Bar> Choose number of columns

To choose your text/graphic box:

Object> Content> Frames> Graphic or Text


File> Package> Change all to CMYK> Process> Save

Check for errors> Relink all / Replace all low res/ RGB images with high res/ CMYK

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